GEOMETRIE COLLECTION: the case and the needs, in the summer 2017

Ettore Lariani, architect and designer, is working on the concept of a bedside lamp for an interior design when he shows the first drafts to Claudio Molinelli, a friend and professional of light. They start working together on the project, choosing materials and components, produced the executive tables and the models took shape.
The first prototype surprises: essential lines for a 16 ° inclined body and rotated 18 ° from the base.

Incline, this is the name, it is no longer just a bedside lamp, but it can easily be placed on a desk thanks to the light emission so strong and uniform. It is so powerful (3.4W 245lm 3000k) that it is equipped with touch dimmer. The challenge is challenging, it is about creating a lamp of “industrial craftsmanship” with a minimum number of interchangeable components, replicable production processes, ease of assembly.


Summer aperitifs on the shared terrace become more and more frequent, a spontaneous laboratory born with field research, assembly and stress testing. The enthusiasm rises, and Incline takes its final shape.
The roles intertwined, Ettore and Claudio begin to think up and design new shapes together with references to the first lamp from which everything began and then born Eccentric. The dimensions and power increase considerably (14.4W 1050lm 3000k), the luminaire detaches from the base and remains suspended: hinged only to the ceiling, the lamp can rotate on the vertical axis, tilt at will, rise and fall in altitude.

Applying the same design logic, they also design Sinuosa, a suspended lamp that enjoys the maximum number of degrees of freedom: it can be tilted and rotated even on its horizontal axis and the light emitted can be directed at will, direct or indirect. The power cord becomes the protagonist assuming sinusoidal curved shapes. It is the most versatile with two lengths available, 1414 mm (24.5W 1785lm 3000k) and 1618 mm (28.3W 2065lm 3000k).

Geometrie Collection – the “family” name of the lamps – is a tribute to pure shape and proportions while the names of individual lamps reveal a succession of metaphorical games between lexicon and representation.
Ettore inserts the Collection between the collections DESIGNaMILANO and Claudio, which also follows the production, creates the site for sale also online.
A Made in Italy story has born from the meeting of form and function passions.