The suspended that was not there

Positions that can be modified at any time and maximum number of degrees of freedom: can be tilted, rotated on its horizontal axis, placed up or down. The light emitted can be directed at will, direct or indirect.
The power cord suspends it assuming sinusoidal curved shapes. Exceptional light power. Hand-finished wood or 3D Voxel finishes.

Structure: exposed aluminum section; shielding in satin Plexiglas®
Switch: on the floor (only on the ground version)
Lighting components: led strip 24.5W 1785lm 3000K (1414) led strip 28.3W 2065lm 3000K (1618)
Power supply: 100-240Vac 50 / 60Hz (suspended) 180-260Vac 50 / 60Hz (on the ground) not remotely dimmable
Power cord: coated with textile material
Materials: matt varnished oak wood, or 3D Voxel (3D printed snorted Nylon)
Size L1414 or 1618 H62 S36 [mm] Dimension of the ground base 120 × 120 H49 [mm]